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The girls backstage at the Teen awards today 

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Attention George Will, this is what #SurvivorPrivilege really looks like

Over at the Washington Post, a supremely out of touch article by conservative columnist George F. Will makes the infuriating claim that victims of sexual assault enjoy “a coveted status that confers privileges.” His logic suggests that because of a supposed liberal plot to bestow some sort of benefit on rape survivors “victims proliferate.”

Of all the tone-deaf rape-denying arguments we’ve heard, this one might take the cake.

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"can you please tag your feminism? it's annoying"


translation: can u please tag ur posts about gender equality also im a giant pissbaby

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Emma Swan is totally in love

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Will you go out with me again?

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You wanna come in and have coffee with my parents and newborn and a human ice maker?

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Oh Elsa, bless your little cotton snowflake socks.

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We should get outta here before David decides to give me his over protective Dad speech.

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It’s Myx Moscato
It’s frizz in a bottle
It’s Nicki full throttle
It’s oh, oh!

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So I work at an ice cream store, and this girl walked in today and quietly asked me who the man behind the counter was. I responded that he was my manager. 

"Oh, he’s cute. What’s his name?"

"Justin, but fair warning, he plays for the, uh, other team."

"What team?"

And I swear to fucking god four people (including myself) yelled ‘WILDCATS’ so loud she spilled her drink.

And I thought he was gay 

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The premise of minimum wage, when it was introduced, was that a single wage earner should be able to own a home and support a family.  That was what it was based on; a full time job, any job, should be able to accomplish this.

The fact people scoff at this idea if presented nowadays, as though the people that ring up your groceries or hand you your burgers don’t deserve the luxury of a home and a family, is disgusting.

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63, 64, 65 & 66/100 outfits ☁

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